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Osteopathy is a hands-on, drug-free system of diagnosis and treatment of the whole body. Osteopathy is one of the most safe and effective treatments for a great number of our body’s problems such as neck pain and back pain, arthritis, headaches and more.


Osteopaths look at the relationship between how well your body could be functioning with how well it is actually functioning. And because osteopaths understand the importance of each individual part of the body working in harmony with the next part, be it a muscle, tendon, ligament or joint, making small changes in these areas can cumulatively have a significant impact on the health and well-being of you as a patient.


Osteopaths also understand the impact a person's environment can have on their body’s health. A badly set-up workstation or a poor exercise training regime can be the primary cause of someone's problems. By taking into account all these factors and seeing a person as a ‘whole’ (mind, body and environment) osteopaths can truly say they are holistic.


In the years since its inception in 1874, osteopathy has become an established form of treatment for many complaints of the musculoskeletal system. The Royal College of General Practitioners acknowledge osteopathy as an effective form of treatment for lower back pain, with many GPs in Knaresborough, Wetherby and Harrogate recommending their patients seek osteopathic treatment at Castle Clinic with either Seb, Nia, Josh or Zain. Whilst osteopaths are well known for their effectiveness in treating low back pain, they can provide relief from a number of other musculoskeletal complaints.


Castle Clinic, proudly serving, Knaresborough, Harrogate, Wetherby and the surrounding areas.

What do osteopaths treat?

Training and regulation

  • Back and neck pain

  • Sciatica and trapped nerves

  • Joint pains

  • Sports injuries and tendinitis

  • Tennis/golfers elbow

  • Frozen shoulders

  • Headaches

  • Whiplash

  • Pain due to pregnancy

  • Children and babies

  • Degenerative conditions (such as arthritis)

  • And much more

Osteopaths must undertake a four-year degree programme, which is underpinned by a thorough education of anatomy, physiology and pathology combined with hundreds of hours of supervised clinical experience in the student clinic.


The osteopathic profession is regulated by law by the General Osteopathic Council, much in the same way the General Medical Council regulates doctors. Osteopaths must follow the strict guidelines, including continuing their professional development by attending post-graduate courses as well as carrying full professional indemnity insurance to maintain their registration.

What is osteopathy?

If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed above then we may be able to help you.

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"Excellent osteopathic treatment...helped sort my mobility problems out and straighten my back. Highly recommended" 

Malcolm, Knaresborough - September 2016


"After just 4 sessions I was pain free! I could barely move when I first went to see Seb, he worked wonders with a warm compassionate and friendly manner but at all times giving a 5 star professional service. I can't recommend him and his associates highly enough."

Michelle, Knaresborough - October 2016