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chairobic exercises chairobic exercises

Chairobics is a low-impact exercise class that takes place whilst seated, rather than standing. Filipe, our fully qualified gym instructor and personal trainer, takes you through a fun and varied rhythm based regime of exercise that is designed to maintain and improve all aspects of fitness at Castle Clinic. Perfectly situated for clients in Harrogate, Wetherby, Knaresborough and the surrounding areas.

Who attends a Chairobics Class?

What aspects of fitness does Chairobics impact?

  • People returning from serious injury or operations (including caesarean sections)

  • People new to exercise

  • Seniors

  • Arthritis sufferers

  • Parkinson sufferers

  • Multiple Sclerosis sufferers

  • Anyone else who might think they can reap the rewards of a Chairobics workout

  • Cardiovascular fitness, by elevating the heart rate and encouraging blood flow to the entire musculoskeletal system by exercising the whole body.

  • Flexibility and mobility, by performing pain free stretches and mobility exercises that help maintain and improve your mobility and flexibility

  • Muscle strength, using elastic physiobands and physioballs

  • Mental cognition, as there is an element of rhythm and choreography to the class that utilises the brain

What is Chairobics?

“Sit to be fit"

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