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By Seb Contreras, Jun 13 2016 08:03AM

This week is National Breathe Easy Week. I, like the majority of people take for granted the ease in which I take each breath, except of course when I'm running the Great Knaresborough Bed Race, like last weekend. Then, for 2 miles or 15 minutes I fought for every breath of air so that I could keep up with my stronger and fitter teammates!

In this latest blog I wanted to discuss how the musculoskeletal works to allow us to breath, and how it can work better...

By Seb Contreras, Jun 7 2015 10:00AM

My commute to the clinic consisted of a full 10-minute walk along one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Fine white sand, granules so fine, so powder soft, with azure blue water nibbling at its edges. And did I mention it was hot? So hot that I started to believe the heat actually had a smell! The water temperature alone was 28-32 degrees, with air temperature averaging 34 degrees.

By Seb Contreras, Sep 15 2014 10:00AM

With one in 3 of us suffering from asthma, eczema or hay fever, we could say that we’re in the middle of an allergy epidemic. Allergic diseases have risen significantly in the last 5 decades. Asthma, for example affected approximately 1% of the UK’s population in the fifties, yet today it affects close to 10%. An estimated 25-30% of people in the UK suffer from one or more allergies, including those mentioned above, as well as allergies to food and animals. In my early teens I myself developed an allergy to wasp stings (as well as an allergy to tidying my bedroom). Thankfully I grew out of the latter. Scientists around the globe are searching for the reasons why allergic diseases, something that used to be rare, are now part and parcel of our daily lives.

By Seb Contreras, Aug 12 2014 06:00AM

Where does time go? It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since I was graduating from the British School of Osteopathy, yet last month, just like Facebook did in February, we celebrated 10 years of Seb Contreras & Associates! Whilst the success of Seb Contreras & Associates hasn’t been quite that of the social network, the amount of tight or injured muscles that have been therapeutically prodded and poked must be close to the number of Facebook ‘pokes’ that have occurred over the years. From less than 10 consultations a week in 2004, these days there is no time for even the slightest bit of mischief as our receptionists keep us working hard by scheduling well over 100 appointments a week between the 4 of us!

By Seb Contreras, Jul 15 2014 08:58AM

It was a trip I’d been dreaming about since Brazil was announced as the host nation for the FIFA 2014 World Cup 7 years ago. I couldn’t imagine anywhere more suited to host the competition. Whilst the Brazilians didn’t invent football, nobody would argue that they have not embraced the game with more love and affection, and play it better, than any other nation in the world (with the exception of this year’s semi-final). On top of this, Brazil is unique in its culture, drawing from its population, who are a colourful mixture of their many ancestors coming from all corners of the planet, be it the American Indians, the Portuguese colonisers, Italian & Spanish immigrants, West African slaves and the Japanese. Because of these factors, I knew Brazil would be the perfect stage for my first World Cup.

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